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We are active, organized, and hold our city government accountable

  • We value our unique community

    We want it developed in a responsible, environmentally friendly, and legal manner

  • Development and growth

    Require accountability and genuine public input to control our future

  • Loss of community character

    We oppose high density that violates environmental standards and negatively impacts our community character

  • We value our individuality

    We are active, organized, and hold our city government accountable

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The Housing Element Update, if passed, will upzone properties citywide to yield a minimum of 2,000 mostly market-rate, not affordable, units. Prop A requires that voters approve or reject this mass upzone plan.

On August 17th the Encinitas City Council plans to adopt a new land use ordinance designed to maximize the number of density bonus units allowed on a parcel, in violation of its own Municipal Code and CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act), and in spite of pending, related litigation.

The City is embarking on an update of the Housing Element of the General Plan to fulfill the State mandate to provide “affordable housing,” which is the term the State uses to identify housing units for lower-income households. The update of the City’s Housing Element is to satisfy the State requirement to provide 1,090 affordable housing units, as defined by SANDAG’s Regional Housing Need Assessment (RHNA).

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