What are Prop A, Measures T, and U?


Passed by voters in a Special Election on June 18, 2013 the Proposition A Right to Vote Initiative was brought by citizens and requires voter approval for increases to existing zoning density and building heights greater than two stories or 30′.

Prop A cannot be modified except by another vote of the people.

City councils come and go.  Prop A is the check we have that stands between residents and any sitting council – and potential arbitrary zoning changes and abuses.

Prop A vs. the City of Encinitas


Measure T was the council’s attempt to create a housing plan intended to satisfy state requirements for a Housing Element Update. Regarded as a gift to developers, it failed to pass in the November 2016 election. Measure T exceeded state requirements, failed to provide sufficient affordable housing, and included a Prop A “killer clause” – meaning a Yes vote would result in residents’ forfeited right to vote in future. The Planning Director refused to keep a paper trail, so residents were unable to see Encinitas staff’s negotiations the HCD (state department of Housing and Community Development).

Click here for the Measure T ballot argument against the housing plan: Measure T.


Measure U was the council’s second attempt to create a Housing Element Update that would pass muster with the voters and it failed in the November 2018 election. Basically a repetition of Measure T, Measure U exceeded state requirements and repeated the same mistakes the council made with Measure T, failing to provide adequate affordable housing and including developer giveaways not required by state law. The Planning Director again refused to keep a paper trail of plan negotiations with the state and in addition, held a series of secret developer-only “wish list” meetings that came to light prior to the election.

Click here for the Measure U ballot arguments against the housing plan: Measure U.