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Prop A is the only check we have that stands between residents and any sitting council – and potential arbitrary zoning changes and abuses.  Your Prop A Right to Vote is under attack from the building industry and our own Encinitas City Council.  Your donation to Prop A’s legal fund is both tax deductible and matched.

3 comments on “Please contribute

  1. I have lived on Turner Avenue for 29 years. I just discovered that the city and state are looking to overdevelop Encinitas Village shopping center by re-zoning to allow a huge influx of residents in housing units above the current Trade Joe’s and Ralph’s, with increased traffic and noise. I found out from the slick flyer sent out by the city on May 4th.

    I am planning to attend the May 24th meeting at city hall and urge other residents to attend as well and voice their concerns.

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