Encinitas council takes Prop A to court

Your Proposition A Right to Vote is under attack from the building industry – and from our own Encinitas City Council.

Proposition A (“Prop A”), passed by Encinitas voters in 2013, guarantees residents a vote on zoning density and building height increases. It was a hard-fought victory that gave residents a voice in how our city grows. Your contribution to preserve your right to vote is appreciated.

Recent Prop A votes included Measures T and U, two high-density housing plans that failed because they favored developers over residents and did not deliver on the promise of affordable housing. Yet our Council blames Prop A, not their failed plans, as the obstacle to complying with state law.

Using our taxpayer money, the Council first sued residents to eliminate our Prop A vote (9/6/19) and as the result of public backlash, redirected the suit against the state (3/10/20).

If the Council prevails in court, residents will never again vote on another mass high-density Housing Element Update (HEU). These HEUs represent the bulk of upzoning plans, so eliminating Prop A “only” for HEUs in effect eliminates Prop A, period. Both suits filed ask the court to allow high-density HEU votes “without requiring a vote of the people:”