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Encinitas Residents Alliance (ERA) is a coalition of neighbors from all five Encinitas communities.  Our goal is to carefully address all development and growth issues.  Our focus is the Housing Element Update (“At Home Encinitas”) and presenting the plain facts about legal requirements and options.  We’ll also include information on lawsuits over projects and on land use disputes.

To contact us send an email to encinitasresidentsalliance@gmail.com.

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  1. I have lived on Turner Avenue for 29 years. I just discovered that the city and state are looking to overdevelop Encinitas Village shopping center by re-zoning to allow a huge influx of residents in housing units above the current Trade Joe’s and Ralph’s, with increased traffic and noise. I found out from the slick flyer sent out by the city on May 4th.

    I am planning to attend the May 24th meeting at city hall and urge other residents to attend as well and voice their concerns.

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